Itchy Back? Give It A Good Scratch

An itchy back can be very irritating and annoying, not just to the person scratching, but even others who are in the room. This is because, to watch a person reach down their top or shirt to scratch their back, can be very unpleasant to watch.

In order to get rid of that itch, one can try a number of remedies or just give it a good scratch. However, reaching that right spot can be tricky for those who are not very flexible. After a few attempts, it can get very irritation. Wheat one does in such a situation is use something to scratch that spot or rub their back against another hard surface to scratch the area.

An Alternate Solution

An effective solution to this itchy problem is the back scratcher. Designed like a tiny hand with sharp ends, they give immense and immediate relief to those waiting to scratch that itch. Since this hand like scratcher is fitted at the end of a long stem, this scratcher can reach good heights and can be used even by young and old alike.

These back scratchers are available in abundance, online. Also known as the bear claw and back rake, these back scratchers are increasingly becoming a staple in every household. It can be used by young and old alike. This also prevents one from getting their hands dirty and forcing them to wash before they can touch anything.


Just like a back stretcher, the scratchers are available in different models and sizes too. One can choose from different sizes to suit their needs. This is easy to maintain as well, as all it requires is a good wash on an everyday basis. Keeping it clean is imperative, as dirty scratchers can lead to skin problems as well. Since it is used on the back which is already difficult to reach, a skin problem may be noticed only after a few days and it could grow into a bigger problem.