Is Food Poisoning A Good Excuse To Miss Work?

If you are looking for a good excuse to miss work look no further than food poisoning as it is the best excuse available to be used at any time. You can use this excuse at the time of emergencies and take a day off from work. If you want to plan it well in advance you can inform your colleagues the day before you are planning to take leave that you will be going to restaurant for dinner that day. This will not surprise your colleagues the next day as they will relate to your statement of the previous day. The products that bring about food poisoning are poultry, meat, fish and eggs.

Now that you are ready with the reason, you can inform your office that you are suffering from food poisoning and the pain unbearable. When you inform this you should really sound sick and groan over the phone. Have a look at f-origin site that would suggest you a list of excuses you can safely use to take a day off from work. You can download a doctor excuse template from a genuine online site and fill the relevant information. This you require it to submit at your workplace as a proof for your illness when you return to work.

Before downloading a template from online site, you will need to do a small research about food poisoning and get to know how long it persists. You can continue your act for sometime at the workplace after returning from leave. Stick to foods that are light on stomach like yoghurt and crackers. Try to make frequent bathroom visits which will deliver a feel that you still have not recovered fully. Considering the leave advantages, food poisoning is certainly a good excuse to miss work.