Disorder Vs Disease

People face a number of health issues and the number of such issues reported only seems to be increasing by the day. One cannot decide if the numbers are increasing due to changing lifestyle and more issues being identified or is it just the awareness created, that makes people come forward.

What Is A Disease

A disease is something one develops at any point in their life. It is caused by some factor the body is unable to control. There are cures for many diseased and many diseases are yet to have an effective cure.

Cancer and AIDS are diseases like plague or small pox. The intensity of any disease varies based on where it originates and how soon an antibody is found. Diseases can be cured, thanks to the advancement in science and technology. Today, one only has to report a few symptoms and the systems are so updated and fast, that they can find or at least narrow down the search for the disease.

What Is Disorder

A disorder is caused due to the malfunctioning or lack of functioning of some parts in the body. When the human body does not go through the formation process as it should, it leads to disorders. When a fetus does not get the sufficient nutrients or chromosomes as it should, it results in disorders.

Diabetes is a disorder caused due to the malfunctioning of the pancreas that is supposed to produce the insulin for the body. In most cases, disorders don’t have a permanent solution. They have remedies that can help the situation but no solution that can remove the entire disorder. Though one can undergo treatment and reduce the symptoms of Down syndrome, there is not permanent cure for it.

In many cases, people confuse disorders with diseases and think they are equally treatable. A search online about disorders and diseases will give you many results and information.