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Stress-Busters For Dogs

Are you wondering that your dog might be stressed but aren’t sure what to do and how to handle it? Fear not. By the time you reach the end of this article you will know what to do. The first step to relieving stress in your dog is identifying that your dog might be stressed.


Here are some indicators showing that your dog may be stressed-

  • If you see that your dog isn’t eating well or is vomiting blood then it shows that his/her eating habits and digestion pattern have changed. It may also be visible that your dog refuses to eat thereby expressing his loss of appetite. You should consult a vet as soon as you see these symptoms.
  • If your dog has become hostile to people coming over, other animals or even you, then that shows signs that your dog is highly unwell and is feeling insecure. You should consult a vet as this behavior could mean many wrong things including having built-up stress.
  • If you notice that your dog wishes to be alone for a large part of the day and you find him sleeping for longer than usual, keep in mind that your dog may be stressed and may need help.


Given below are some tips which you can use to help out your stressed dog-

  • Give a balanced amount of food to your dog most of the food being stuff which he likes the most.
  • Don’t let your dog feel he/she is alone. Play outdoor games with your dog like catch and fetch so that his/her happiness levels stay elevated.
  • Keep your dog away from high anxiety social activities like parties or group gatherings. Give your dog a fascinating toy so that he can enjoy himself.

Hope that you found this article helpful and that these tips will help you know how to identify and how to relief stress from your dog.


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