A simple girl’s guide to puberty

Puberty begins in girls at an early age and at around 10 years on an average. There may be some who would start at age 8 only and others may start only at age 13. The breast enlargement is the first sign of entering puberty and the girl’s peak growth starts to occur a year after she begins puberty. Menstruation starts two years after the start of puberty and the first period occurs in most cases when the girl enters her 13th birthday.

Stop your period once it starts. In this time of puberty, there are many times when you will be able to talk to your girl about the changes that she has been experiencing. Your daughter will have any doubts about the physical changes that will occur in her body when she enters puberty. You should explain to her that physical changes are a part of her body entering puberty. You should let her know that this is a natural process of the girl entering adulthood and this happens because of hormones that are produced by the body.

You should is careful that you respect her privacy but keep track of the changes in her body.There could be various variations at the onset of puberty. Tell your friend that even if she and her friends are growing at different rates, still they will catch up eventually. Also, make sure that you do not tease her about her developments. This is because most girls will feel conscious of the changes in their body and their appearance and would want to avoid such conversations.

Girls may at times enter puberty very early or late and there is nothing to worry about it.However, if she enters puberty before 8 years then speak to the doctor. Also, keep in mind to speak to the doctor if she does not enter by age 13.