A Peek Into The Branched Chain Amino Acids

Anyone in the fitness industry today will know about the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). There is also a hot debate going on about the use of BCAAs. BCAA are mainly used to build muscle and to fuel the workouts. For athletes, proper recovery is a must for undergoing training at the same intensity every day and the main role of the amino acids is to help the body to recover after a very tiring workout.


Catabolism is a problem in which the larger molecules break down into smaller molecules. For people in the fitness industry, it is the breakdown of muscle tissues that suppresses the immune system and minimizes the gains. This results in fatigue which prevents the person from working out the next day. Catabolism is caused due to some many things – overtraining, lack of essential amino acids after a workout and so on. Hence, the common practice is the intake of whey protein and protein supplements after a workout.

Role of BCAAs

There are essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized by our body. These amino acids are known for their anabolic functions and help to improve the athletic performance. With BCAAs, the body has an increased capacity to repair and perform well, at the cellular level.

BCAAs have a fast effect. It need not be processed by the liver and reaches the skeletal muscles directly and thus, the chances of catabolism are minimized. As it is fast, it reduces the time needed for the amino acids to reach the skeletal system.

Need for BCAA

BCAAs are a bit costlier. But it is especially important for athletes to get a good BCAA for recovery. It not only gives more energy but also provides the amino acids required for recovery.

If you are looking for a good quality BCAA, then gain knowledge about the quality of the product before buying one.