How Can I Lose 10 Pounds In 3 Weeks?

If you have a fast approaching event that is 3 weeks away for which you have to lose 10 pounds, it is doable if you are just starting with your weight loss journey. It becomes an aggressive goal if you are already in your ideal weight. When you resort to proven strategies such as portion control, avoiding processed and junk foods, minimizing alcohol consumption and eating whole foods, it helps you lose weight positively.

To lose weight in a safer way you can go for weight loss programs like Nutrisystem that has a proven track record. The program has been serving the fitness field for more than 45 years. It has recently launched Turbo 13 plan which claims to offer up to 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss. Nutrisystem also offers diet plans for men separately. Men following Turbo 13 plan will be able to lose up to 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month. This amount of weight loss is made possible because of the Turbo Takeoff kit delivered in the first week of Turbo 13. The meals included in this kit are enhanced to accelerate the weight loss process in dieters. You can read a review of the newly launched plan to know how it can benefit you.

All diet programs require you to reduce the number of calories you consume and burn above what you consume. To lose one pound of fat you will have to burn 3500 calories per week; therefore to lose 10 pounds you will have to create a calorie deficit of 35000 calories. At this rate, you will be creating a calorie deficit of 1660 calories per day. In order to achieve this deficit, you will have to combine diet and exercise in an effective manner. For example, you will have to burn about 800 calories through exercise and eat about 800 calories fewer than you require to maintain your present weight.

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A simple girl’s guide to puberty

Puberty begins in girls at an early age and at around 10 years on an average. There may be some who would start at age 8 only and others may start only at age 13. The breast enlargement is the first sign of entering puberty and the girl’s peak growth starts to occur a year after she begins puberty. Menstruation starts two years after the start of puberty and the first period occurs in most cases when the girl enters her 13th birthday.

Stop your period once it starts. In this time of puberty, there are many times when you will be able to talk to your girl about the changes that she has been experiencing. Your daughter will have any doubts about the physical changes that will occur in her body when she enters puberty. You should explain to her that physical changes are a part of her body entering puberty. You should let her know that this is a natural process of the girl entering adulthood and this happens because of hormones that are produced by the body.

You should is careful that you respect her privacy but keep track of the changes in her body.There could be various variations at the onset of puberty. Tell your friend that even if she and her friends are growing at different rates, still they will catch up eventually. Also, make sure that you do not tease her about her developments. This is because most girls will feel conscious of the changes in their body and their appearance and would want to avoid such conversations.

Girls may at times enter puberty very early or late and there is nothing to worry about it.However, if she enters puberty before 8 years then speak to the doctor. Also, keep in mind to speak to the doctor if she does not enter by age 13.

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Is Food Poisoning A Good Excuse To Miss Work?

If you are looking for a good excuse to miss work look no further than food poisoning as it is the best excuse available to be used at any time. You can use this excuse at the time of emergencies and take a day off from work. If you want to plan it well in advance you can inform your colleagues the day before you are planning to take leave that you will be going to restaurant for dinner that day. This will not surprise your colleagues the next day as they will relate to your statement of the previous day. The products that bring about food poisoning are poultry, meat, fish and eggs.

Now that you are ready with the reason, you can inform your office that you are suffering from food poisoning and the pain unbearable. When you inform this you should really sound sick and groan over the phone. Have a look at f-origin site that would suggest you a list of excuses you can safely use to take a day off from work. You can download a doctor excuse template from a genuine online site and fill the relevant information. This you require it to submit at your workplace as a proof for your illness when you return to work.

Before downloading a template from online site, you will need to do a small research about food poisoning and get to know how long it persists. You can continue your act for sometime at the workplace after returning from leave. Stick to foods that are light on stomach like yoghurt and crackers. Try to make frequent bathroom visits which will deliver a feel that you still have not recovered fully. Considering the leave advantages, food poisoning is certainly a good excuse to miss work.

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Tips To Lose Weight Permanently And Keep It Off Forever

After achieving a magical weight loss result your main concern would be how to keep it off for ever. Only minority of people who have lost weight were able to sustain the result. If you want to keep off the weight forever you will have to keep on modifying your lifestyle. If you get back to your old style of eating habits then you are likely to gain weight. In order to maintain a healthy weight, you will have to continue with the healthy eating and workout routine that you followed during the dieting period. When following diet programs like Nutrisystem and Medifast, the dieters are given online counseling to carry on with the diet plans they choose to follow. In fact, Nutrisystem provides tips for easy transition once the dieters decide to withdraw from following the diet plan any more. By following the tips and suggestions, the dieters can keep off the lost weight forever.  Visit Jane-Seymour website to go through a detailed comparison between Nutrisystem and Medifast diet programs.

People think that just continuing with the cardio workouts like walking, running or swimming will help them to keep off the weight off forever. Cardio workouts certainly help for instant weight loss but just doing them alone will not help in the long run. You will have to boost your metabolism and also build lean muscle mass to maintain a healthy body weight. When building lean muscle the body has to continuously keep burning calories and this can be achieved only by strength training.

If you have undergone a complete transformation, then there is no necessity that you get back to your old lifestyle. You will have to just stick to the clean eating habits and avoid processed or junk foods completely. You can occasionally indulge in treats but mostly should be consuming healthy foods. During your weight loss attempt, you may be using the weighing machine to check your body weight. This may not be necessary when you want to sustain it, you can look at the mirror and evaluate.  Update yourself with daily selfies which will also motivate you to stay fit. One of the best ways to stay fit is to rethink about how you commute to your workplace. Instead of taking a bus, you may choose to walk which becomes a daily exercise and keeps you fit. Lastly, expand your friends circle and exercise as a group to motivate each other.

All these simple yet important changes will help you keep off the weight forever.

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Do You Have To Be Healthy To Have A Drug Test

Drug tests are now a common thing in all organizations. This is mainly conducted by the employees to always have an eye on their productivity which has its impact directly on the profits and performance of a company. But there are few pre-requisites to this testing which is supposed to be fulfilled by the company or the organization or even the schools where these have become quite common these days.

  • It is very important for the company to announce or inform the employees about these drug tests well in advance so that it does not come as a surprise to them. This is a mandatory requirement before the tests and it is essential and expected from the companies to fulfill and follow this basic rule before they conduct the tests.
  • Drug tests are to be conducted only on those employees who are found fit and fine for the test. Generally, a random sample from the whole lot of employees is taken based on few important criteria and in case an employee selected for the test is undernourished or is not healthy is supposed to be eliminated from the test. So it is basically important that all those in the tests need to be healthy

There are a lot of ways in which an employee can actually pass the drug tests and these are considered safe methods of taking the tests. So always try to adhere to some natural methods of safeguarding your drug habit. Passing a drug test review that actually works has become a very common one on the social networks and there are a lot of different methods posted by people from their experiences. Anybody and everybody is encouraged to actually post their experiences and solutions to help somebody else looking out for one. So pick and choose the one for you and be comfortably out of the test without troubles.

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Find Out How I Lost Weight With A Home Exercise Bike

Exercising has never been my strong point. Though I have always strived to lose weight and maintain a good weight, I have never been able to make myself go to the gym on a regular basis. If I go for a week, I found myself resting the next week and slacking off. This was my constant struggle and I wanted to lose weight for sure.

SO what did I do? I got myself an exercise bike at home. This was definitely a smart move and a wise investment choice. Not only did I get my regular exercise but I saved a lot of money on monthly gym memberships as well.

Here is how I lost weight using the exercise bike at home:


I started using the bike regularly. I used it at least 2 times a day. When I had to go to the gym or any class on a daily basis, it was too much of a struggle. I had to shift my appointments around, consider the travel time, traffic, etc. when I got this bike at home, I could just hop on it any time of my choice. I didn’t have to wait for my turn. This way all I had to do was use the bike for a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the evening, which was very feasible.

Warm Up

On days when I felt like pushing myself to exercise more, the exercise bike was used for a warm up. Since I had to use all my muscles, it was a good warm-up and ensured I didn’t suffer any injuries when I exerted myself.


I slowly increased both my pace and the number of minutes spent on the bike. This increased my cardio workout gradually. As a result, both my stamina improved and my weight decreased. The more I sweat and pushed myself, the better the results were.

Now, this has been one good journey health wise. If you need an exercise bike go here, you are bound to find the one for you.


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An Overview Of The Health Benefits Of A Good Workout

Have you ever wondered what all the mayhem is all about working out these days? Suddenly your social media page is filled with posts by your friends about a good workout or photos of them after a good workout. Have you ever felt it was just an over exaggeration and exercising has personally not given you as much as your friends or other people claim to get?

The difference could be the workout itself. Exercising is like an art. It has to suit your needs and your body for it to be a good workout. You need to ensure you get a good workout to enjoy the following benefits:

Adrenaline Rush

When your workout routine is good the adrenaline pumps through your body, giving you that sense of satisfaction and good post-workout energy. You feel happier about yourself and what you have completed that day. This rush of adrenaline is very good for your heart too. As your heart gets to pump blood faster, there is more blood circulated throughout the body.


The more you sweat the more impurities are removed from your body. Your pores get cleaned and your skin is left looking fresher and younger. When you exercise this way continuously, your skin will glow and thank you for such a deep cleanse from within.


The trick to losing weight is to burn more than what you consume. A regular exercise routine may be good enough to keep you physically active and prevent you from settling into a sedentary lifestyle. However, only a good workout like the ones offered at can help you burn more calories and increase your metabolism.


Your joints are kept in good shape when you exercise well and regularly. As we age, the joints take the first hit. When they are exercised and kept in good shape, the occurrences of age-related pains and aches reduce drastically.

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Straightforward Healthy Ways To Pass A Drug Test

It is always important for us to pass the drug test at the same time be aware of what would help in escaping us from the tests in a healthy and harmless manner. There are a lot of products available on the market that helps in detoxing our body but not all of them are safe and there are all possibilities that they might cause side-effects. So it is always a better option to use and try out some home remedies that might prove to be very effective and would also help in detoxing the body without causing any harm.

  • The first and the best method, a safe method is to consume lots of water. Increase the consumption of water multi-folds and try to flush out all the extras and toxins from the body through urine and clean the system. Completely remove everything from the body as if you have not taken drugs at all.
  • Taking in lots of greens is another effective way of detoxing the body. This is not a completely proven method for getting rid of all the drugs from the body but these are sure to remove the THC faster for they are all high in fiber. So a good quantity of all these along with a healthy diet and regular exercising would help in cleaning the body effectively.
  • Drinking lemon juice is another advised method that can effectively help in digesting food faster and detoxifying the body. This should be taken as a mixture by combining water to the concentrated juice. Also go in for some natural detox pills; I got this detox pill before my drug test.
  • When you know that you are under the effects of drugs, avoid taking junk food and red meat for this might slow down your digestion process and hence help these drugs to stay in the system for a longer

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Help Keep People Healthy By Buying Charity Wristbands

As a human, it is our duty to help the needy for a social well-being. Maybe, it’s your dear one who is undergoing the pain, and you really wish to make a difference in their life in all the possible ways.Leading a way to create awareness among others for the noble cause of charity, is made pretty easy by use of a charity wristband.

Promoting the use of charity wristband is a perfect solution to raise funds and support social welfare societies, research centers and many more. The grand success of cancer wristbands has influenced another set of charities to use silicone wristbands to convey the right message and make out a real difference. Regardless of the charity reason you support, may it be cancer, child or animal abuse, poverty or homelessness, or any of this kind, charity wristband is the most efficient and effective way of doing so. Each charity owns its own unique and customized version of the wristband which sells through websites, retail shops or distribution partners.

The funds raised by these individual charities will be spent on their exact focus areas and thereby will be united to work towards the common goal of transforming lives of those who are in pain.

Innovative and fashionable ideas from charity wristband manufacturers have produced stunning designs, which are not just fundraising products but an accessory of high donation value that people really want to own.

The commonly used fundraising wristbands:

  • Printed wristbands
  • Embossed wristbands that have an id tag that is embossed
  • Ink filled multi-colored wristbands
  • Silicone wristband with styled key rings

How to help people with supporting the cause?

  • Campaigning on social media
  • Ordering designs with varied writings and colors, thus promoting chances of purchasing more in number

Live and let live!

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Help Keep People Healthy By Buying Charity Wristbands

As a human, it is our duty to help the needy for a social well-being. Maybe, it’s your dear one who is undergoing the pain, and you really wish to make a difference in their life in all the possible ways.Leading a way to create awareness among others for the noble cause of charity, is made pretty easy by use of a charity wristband.

Promoting the use of charity wristband is a perfect solution to raise funds and support social welfare societies, research centers and many more. The grand success of cancer wristbands has influenced another set of charities to use silicone wristbands to convey the right message and make out a real difference. Regardless of the charity reason you support, may it be cancer, child or animal abuse, poverty or homelessness, or any of this kind, charity wristband is the most efficient and effective way of doing so. Each charity owns its own unique and customized version of the wristband which sells through websites, retail shops or distribution partners.

The funds raised by these individual charities will be spent on their exact focus areas and thereby will be united to work towards the common goal of transforming lives of those who are in pain.

Innovative and fashionable ideas from charity wristband manufacturers have produced stunning designs, which are not just fundraising products but an accessory of high donation value that people really want to own.

The commonly used fundraising wristbands:

  • Printed wristbands
  • Embossed wristbands that have an id tag that is embossed
  • Ink filled multi-colored wristbands
  • Silicone wristband with styled key rings

How to help people with supporting the cause?

  • Campaigning on social media
  • Ordering designs with varied writings and colors, thus promoting chances of purchasing more in number

Live and let live!

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The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Dieting

Planning to go on a diet? sona creamery is one website that can help you get started with dieting the healthy way. Many people follow various diets and their entire process can be flawed and result in a number of health issues rather than helping them get better.

Worried about your dieting? Here is a comprehensive guide to healthy dieting:


Naturally occurring foods are the best for us. Fruits and vegetables eaten as raw as possible is the best source of energy and all nutrients a human body can require. Bread, pasta, etc are all processed from these plant sources and are not half as healthy as the plant foods themselves.

Though these are essential grains, many make the wrong choice of food groups. When these grains are consumed in whole, like whole wheat bread or whole oats, they are rich in fiber and are good for us. But the more easily available processed versions are not. So choose your food carefully.


Animal foods are good too and many of these animal foods have the nutritional value that plants do not offer. However, one should consume these foods in moderation. Excess consumption can lead to other side effects such as storage of fats, increase in weight, etc.

Though cheese, milk, and yogurt are rich in calcium, one needs to consume these only in limited quantities, else they are bound to see the weighing scale needle move up. Similar is the case with red meats. Consuming lean meats is good as it adds protein and does not add calories unnecessarily.


Fat should be consumed too. One should consume food containing fat, in limited quantity again. The body requires fat for its smooth functioning and when the required quantity is not met, it goes into a starvation mode and stores everything you eat, thus resulting in weight gain.

Any diet you follow should be well balanced and suitable for your lifestyle. A diet of a sports person will be completely different from that of a person who sits in front of the computer all day long. Hence the secret lies in choosing the right diet for you.

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Arab Dating Marriage Sites

Islam as a faith is all-encompassing:

Muslims world over believes in gender equality. A matron or a man who is eligible for marriage is always and always asked for his or her consent before the solemnizing is completed. So, there is no way that they would be forced into it.

On the contrary, if Muslim men and women do want to see each other before they are married and want to know if they share anything in common or not, the faith is very broad-minded in its approach to allow for that too.

What happens when there is the dissemination of information?

Let me put forth a case for you. Aamena, my cousin was reaching 28 and still single. She was highly qualified and a great photographer. She was looking for a highly educated groom for marriage and someone whom she believed would be a practicing Muslim. Also, she had other specifications such as she was not into wearing of the hijaab (the veil) and she wanted to be able to continue with her career as a photographer.

On the other side in Egypt, Abdur Rehman, all of 35 years was looking for someone who was outgoing and had a passion for living rather than being homebound. He wanted to have a wife who was an outgoing person and share this interest in traveling the world.

Both of them did the right thing by listing their profile on a website called مواقع زواج and voila! They seemed to be interested in each other base on the bio that they had provided on their photographs. They decided to chat for a few days online on the same portal before they discussed with their elders about each other. Aamena’s parents invited Abdur Rehman’s parents over and to see if there was a match indeed between their children. They also allowed them some time to themselves. Six months ago, they got married and seem to be a great pair, Masha Allah!

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Your Healthy Guide To Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss is recommended as long you adopt healthy means. Unhealthy or drastic measures to lose weight are often accompanied by side effects, which can damage health more that contributed to excess weight gain. Thus, one sure shot to success for a healthy weight loss in changing your eating habits – what you eat, when you eat, how much you eat and how you eat? Here is a quick guide to losing weight naturally and healthily.

What do you eat?

A healthy way to reduce weight is to adopt healthy way of eating that includes diet

  1. Rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, fiber, and liquids
  2. Poor in sugar, carbonates, carbohydrates, fat, and gluten

When do you eat?

Time is of the essence always. The below do not reduce weight directly but rather aid in your weight reduction plan in a balanced approach.

  1. Eating on time
  2. Eating all four meals and regular healthy snacking between meals
  3. Not skipping your breakfast
  4. Not eating late in the night

How do you eat?

How you eat matters because incorrect or poor eating habits often result in under or overeating. Here are some quick tips under this:

  1. While eating, concentrate on your food. Avoid distractions while eating such as watching TV, checking your phone or engaging in long conversations.
  2. Learn to chew your food slowly rather than swallowing it.
  3. Choose smaller plates and portions to reduce your food intake.
  4. Drink water before every meal to suppress unnecessary cravings and prevent you from eating more.

How much you eat?

How much you eat and the quantity you eat every day is important. Do not over or under eat on various days, as this is unhealthy. Ways to prevent this are by following steps under when and how you eat. Moreover, you can also install a food-tracking app on your smartphone to track how much you eat and focus on reasons on the days that you tend to eat more.

In addition to these tips, you can also combine your diet plan with some workout regime and diet supplements that you can find at for a healthy and productive weight loss.

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Are their health risks when using a penis extender

The risk is not so much in using it as in improperly using it!

This is true with all things. So when we talk about penis extenders being dangerous or as posing risk to health then we must think about it in terms of danger that comes in with improper usage and wearing of it. the point is that anything and everything in this world can be dangerous if the person using it does not use his prudence.

The extenders are used for ages:

Men have been told from ages that the easiest way to get bigger is to keep wearing the extenders for longer periods and the result will come out faster. Wearing the extenders on the penis for an extended period of more than three or four hours can definitely be risky to the most important and sensitive part of a male.

The cutting off blood supply there!

Penis extenders can be risky to health that in certain unfortunate cases it can result in cutting off of the penis. The fact that there is less supply of blood to the penis because of the traction device will ensure that you have an insignificant amount of pain when something unfortunate like that happens.

Don’t fall into the cheap traction trap:

The best thing you can do to yourself is to not fall into the trap of saving money in the wake of buying cheap namesake or copied version of the original extenders. Original extenders may be costly but they will adjust t the size of your penis and be beneficial in the long run. If you are hell bent on saving money and end up buying some cheap look alike, the dangers of the dismemberment are quite high. You must be extremely careful and check that nothing untoward happens with you at any point in time!

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You Want a Natural Male Enhancement solution?

Men health, especially sexual health is very important in married life, without which it becomes a strain and stress to stay together. It’s not just for all the fun and pleasure, but to lead a happy and contented life. Active sex life is important to stay bonded together forever, which possibly show causes the love for each other, and the ways of expression and the emotion held in.

More added ingredients to our existing stressful life lead to much lower levels of sex hormones in both men and women, leading to a number of problems. So, what are the solutions?

Well, you find a pump, a stick, and many pills that are all over the counters and are available in all stores. Increase your libido with male enhancement supplements, along with them; you have separate gels, oils creams, and ointments. Which of them is the best option?

The pills and supplements, not all are to be taken without a prescription, yet we see people buying and selling. Only a few are prescribed to be sold over the counter, have fewer side effects and can be taken without any doctor prescription. Yet, they too have side effects when taken over a period of time. At least supplements work to some extent, while the enlarging pills never work and can’t do!!

So, never go for pills to get that hormone balanced and to have a fulfilling nightlife. Gels and oils can be used to a limit, and the results are almost spontaneous and instant. So, how about a combination of gels and creams and some boosters?

Great, you may try them, as both have least side effects comparatively. You can use either cream alone or gels, with some supplements to top up and get some time out to enjoy and explore your mind and body. it’s important that you stay fulfilled in bed, to remain active in your outside life.

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5 Ways To Make Your Dieting Easier

Dieting is never an easy task. To start a diet and stick on to it, is much more difficult than one would have imagined. It is not about eating the right foods; it is about cutting out certain foods which might have been your staple earlier.

Going without your previously loved food items can be easy the first few days. But after a certain point of time, your body starts craving for the food it used to love and this makes it very difficult to stay within control.

Check out these great Phenq Reviews, to know how Phenq has helped a number of people who have not been able to lose weight despite all efforts. Following a good diet is always recommended, despite consuming Phenq.

Here are 5 ways to make your dieting easier:

Out Of Sight

If you have people in the house who eat foods that you are avoiding in your diet, keep those foods out of your sight. Store them in a place you won’t be accessing frequently. This way, you will be tempted less.

If you have kids running around in the house, no way you can cut out bread, carbs or other fattening food. Your children need it for their growth. Hence store it on a shelf you won’t be opening unless you are preparing a meal for them.

Food Diary

Maintain a food diary wherein you can record everything you ate for that day. Also, record how you felt physically that day. When you are tempted to eat something that is not party of your diet, the idea of writing it down in black and white will stop you from doing it.

This is because, when we eat something we are not supposed to, we cheat ourselves. But the mind tries to forget it and make it look insignificant. But when you put it down in pen and paper, you are recording a proof of what you ate and are ensuring it cannot be ignored or forgotten. Over a period of time, you will stop this “cheating”.

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12 Ways To Simplify Your Diet

Dieting is overwhelming. However, if you simplify your diet, you can attain long-term success. Stick to these simple tips to simplify your diet.

  1. Make it a point to have your breakfast every day. Watch what you eat during your dinner. It is said that eat your breakfast like a king, lunch like a common person and your dinner like a poor man.
  2. Savour each bite rather than gobbling down the entire table. If you prefer having desserts, then have a low calorie and low sugar treat.
  3. Eat healthy meals and at the same time eat healthy snacks. Always do a calorie check on whatever you eat.
  4. Try not eating at least 2 hours before your bedtime.
  5. Maintain a good healthy diet plan. Create a feasible diet meal. For extra tips, read this article.
  6. Track what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat. Similarly, do the same for what your drink as well.
  7. Be creative with your daily food menu. Add a lot of proteins, fruits, vegetables, and At the same time reduce your intake of salt, fat, carbohydrates and sodas.
  8. Do not reduce your water intake even by a milliliter rather cut down on your sodas and alcohol intake.
  9. Meet your new best friend – the scales. Do not be discouraged by what the scales have to tell you rather be motivated by it.
  10. Paste sticky notes into your diet goals where you will see them frequently.
  11. Apart from food, maintain a healthy lifestyle by checking on your sleep and exercise. Do not compromise on your sleep, sleep on time and sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours. In addition, exercise regularly.
  12. Avoid distractions while eating. Switch off your TV and phone while eating else you will end up eating more than what is required.

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Tips To Streamline Your Beard Growth

A well-groomed thick beard is a matter of pride for most men but growing a beard is not that easy and it requires loads of patience and some care and maintenance. Here are a few tips that will aid you in growing a beard that will be your neighbor’s envy.

  1. Skin care: Wash your beard with a gentle beard wash at least twice a day and keep it clean. Next, make sure that you exfoliate your facial skin at least once a week. Dead cells clog the skin pores and prevent hair from growing. Removing these cells stimulate growth.
  2. Moisturize: Use the best beard oil for growth to moisturize the skin under the beard. This will improve circulation and stimulate hair growth. The beard will be thicker and less prone to breakage.
  3. Sleep well: It is crucial that you sleep well because that is the time all damaged cells are repaired and this will lead to healthy beard growth.
  4. Keep stress at bay: Whether it is hair on the head or facial hair, stress is detrimental to its growth. Therefore learn to manage stress and adopt some relaxation techniques.
  5. Diet: Eat a diet rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Biotin is a must for healthy hair growth. Take 2.5 mg biotin each day in the supplement form for better hair.
  6. Be Patient: Hair grows at its own pace and you cannot force it to grow faster. But what you can do is to wait for at least six weeks patiently for a full grown beard. During the waiting period do not be tempted to trim or shape the beard. The growing period will be irritable with severe itching but if you can restrain yourself then you can look forward to a bushy beard.
  7. Good massage: Improved blood circulation to the area stimulate hair growth leading to a better beard.

Set up a beard care routine and follow the above tips to be the proud owner of a beard that enhances your personality.

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Facial treatments you can do at home

Getting a facial is a nice feeling. If you get it done in a good spa, then it will make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. A good spa and a facial treatment come with a substantial price tag. That and the paucity of time are the two major reasons that women do not go to salons as regularly as they should. But our grand-moms had quite a few tips under their sleeves. These secrets have been passed down the generations and are still useful.

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are the three basic steps of this routine. But with enhanced techniques and advancement in research, many new tools and ointments have evolved over the years. These are concentrated forms of the same creams used for generations and are actually better than all the previous versions. You can use appropriate creams and other lotions for a good facial at home. You can use a suitable cream suggested by a dermatologist for the specific skin types or use some ingredients from your kitchen.

The first step will always be to rinse your face and cleanse it thoroughly.You may use a scrubber to exfoliate the skin if it has been some time to remove the pollutants and dead skin. After rinsing it, pat dry and then massage using a good quality cream. You can use store bought an expensive one and use it to ensure that the strokes of massage give you complete relaxation and the correct amount of pressure is applied to the face. This will improve the blood circulation also.

After this, you can use steam to open the skin pores and remove the whiteheads or blackheads. The last step is to use a face mask to close the pores and tone the skin. The mask can be a homemade one or can be bought from the store. This should suit the kind of skin you have, oily or dry. Wash and tone and moisturize to feel great.

The latest masks and creams are fantastic and use exotic ingredients and regular use of these does ensure that the skin looks and feels younger and fresh. If a regular regime is followed, wrinkles can be postponed and the skin will also remain supple. This ultimately makes the person feel better about herself.

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8 Tips To Start Building A Diet You Always Wanted

Did you know that every meal you have acts as a building block of your entire system? This is precisely why you should consume food groups of all kinds every single day. If fitness is on your mind and if you are looking to build a diet plan that includes health food, do consider making whole grains, vegetables, protein, fruits, dairy and healthy snacks part of your meal plan. Listed below are 8 simple tips that you could follow in order to build a healthy diet.

  1. Include Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are packed with micro and macronutrients. These are vital in maintaining a healthy structure. It is said that the more colourful your platter is, the healthier your diet plan becomes. Try to include, bananas, apples, broccoli, bell peppers, mushroom, berries, avocado, citrus fruits, dark leafy vegetables, tomatoes etc.

  1. Switch to Whole Grains

Whole grains are filled with fibre and they also contain very low calories as compared to things like processed and refined grains.

  1. Dairy Products

Dairy products are quintessential to cater to our calcium needs for the day. You can have either full-fat or skimmed milk and if you do not prefer milk, then you can always have yoghurt.

  1. Protein

Protein makes us stronger and healthier and also helps our brain to function effectively. Lean proteins like fish and chicken are very good options. Eggs and leafy vegetables are also good sources.

  1. Avoid processed sugar

Sugar is best avoided in all forms. Our bodies do not need sugar and this is the best thing that you could do for yourself.

  1. Avoid sodium-rich food

Always look for low-sodium ingredients because unnecessary sodium elevates our blood pressure.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Drink 6-8 glasses of water through the day and include this in your diet plan. Staying hydrated keeps your hunger pangs away.

  1. Include HCG drops

Including HCG drops in your diet can also help a good deal. You can get real HCG here in the UK in reliable stores.

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It is normal for almost everyone to want that perfectly healthy and fit figure, but that is seldom possible. Most people who are overweight at some point in life have tried to shed those extra pounds or have that never-ending war with weight.

There are many fad diets that make big claims or even many pills that claim to create magic with your body. If you are looking for such unbelievable feats then Phen375 is not for you. It is not a magic pill, but in fact is an agent that will ease out and speed up the process of melting that extra fat.

Read further if you are looking out for an honest and practical way to lose weight. The site has great Phen375 reviews, which you can read for yourself. Here are some fundamentals about it explained.

It is for those people who require that little push along with an energy boost to eat smaller portions, stay active and lose weight and become healthy and fit. This is how it works:

Suppresses your appetite: When you stop craving unhealthy foods, your battle is half won. This pill suppresses your appetite, helping you become full with smaller portions. Also keeps you from craving unhealthy foods that are fattening.

It has a thermogenic effect: When the natural temperature of your body increases, the metabolic rate of your body also increases and you tend to burn calories at a faster rate. This is yet another action of this amazing pill. It has a thermogenic effect on the body that increases metabolism, burns calories faster.

Stimulates Energy: When you undergo fad diets, your body usually is deprived of any energy, and so exercising is hardly an option. When you consume this pill, your body gets a burst of energy as well. This stimulates the body for a better work out, thus burning more calories.

This way Phen375 encourages your body to shed extra pounds, without you having to do much. Now, no more succumbing to fad diets or spending long hours in the kitchen.

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Guide to Common Knee Injuries

When it comes to injuries, the most common part of the body to get hurt is the knee. A lot of us have gone through situations where our knee got injured. Knee injuries are obvious if you exert your knees to a large extent which is very common if you are a sportsperson.

Some of the common knee injuries are the following:

  • Runner’s knee is a very common condition among the athletes who have to run for a long distance. In this, the area near the kneecap can pain, mostly when you bend to do some work. And the condition can deteriorate if you walk up and down the stairs. This can occur even among the weightlifters who need to lift extremely heavy weights. In such situations, visit your doctor for a correct advice.
  • Iliotibial (IT) band syndrome may occur if a person suddenly increases his knee’s activity. Repeated running up and down hills or climbing stairs can also cause this syndrome which can be quite painful. This needs to be handled properly else there can be meniscus tears which will definitely need surgery.For rectifying this condition, stretching after exercise can be helpful.
  • Jumper’s knee can occur due to excessive jumping which is unavoidable for people who play volleyball, basketball or other sports which are similar to these. This injury can arise if your muscles are not strong enough. In the first level of this condition, one can only feel pain post workout or training. But it can deteriorate which will result into feeling pain throughout the day. In some case, surgery can be absolutely inevitable.
  • Sports such as soccer, lacrosse or basketball involve prompt lateral motions which can cause torn or sprained ligaments. Usually, other type of knee injuries take some time to occur but this one occurs suddenly. It is better to wear a ligament sprain knee brace for prevention.

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How to Find Best Deals on Fitness Equipment Online?

What do we do to stay healthy? Follow diet, eat healthy foods, and avoid junk foods? Ok now following all these strictly would definitely give good results. At the same time, it is also important that we do some type of exercise to make the body fit and fine and keep moving for a prolonged period of time. In the present day world where everything is in auto-mode, it has become unnecessary for people to actually work and every human household work is easily replaced by a machine. If you know, there are machines and gadgets for almost all the works and there is absolutely nothing that a person is required to do exerting energy. But would this all aid in the healthy living of a person? Will he be able to stay fit and healthy for a long time? What is it he is doing for bracing himself from the various unknown, modern-day diseases? Nothing but is only inviting all of them to invade his body.

What should people do to avoid such things in life? It is very important that everybody does some kind of exercise or workout to keep themselves braced from the diseases and health problems. The problems are so many that even those who follow a very strict regime easily fall prey to these; imagine the state of those who neglect to do this every day. Life is really going to be difficult for them and it is advised that every single soul takes up some form of exercise so that they are able to atleast lead a decent healthy life. Gymnastics has become one preferred option these days for they are easy to learn and do and all the equipment that aid in this is all available easily online, even for seconds. If you need an affordable gymnastics bar for sale go here.

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Drugs Of Abuse – Are They Healthy?

The problem of drug abuse might not seem as threatening as the problem of drug addiction but, if left unattended, it can lead to that devastating addiction state, which requires painful procedures to bring back the person to his/her normalcy. Yes, the drug abuse is that pitiable state of a person with an extreme desire to use a particular drug is different and less severe than the drug addiction stage but, without any doubt can cause severe health problems that can not only be devastating but also life-threatening if not controlled at the right time.

The most commonly used drugs of abuse are

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Tobacco
  • Cocaine
  • DXM present in OTC cough/cold medicines
  • Prescription Opioids
  • PCP
  • Salvia

These drugs when abused are sure to affect the body and your health in the following harmful ways,

  • Memory Problems

The chemicals and the toxins present in these drugs have the power to alter the chemical composition of the brain that can negatively impact your judgment ability, memory power, analytical skills and so on, which is why many companies mandate the drugs screening process to ensure the betterment of the workplace, every time. Hence, if you have abused certain drug then, this is a very effective detox drink for drug test that can cleanse your body immediately and save you from facing any dismissals at your workplace. But, for the permanent happiness stop abusing the drugs and practice sobriety, all the time!

  • Kidney problems

The illicit drugs like heroin when abused can damage your kidney so badly in such a way that you cannot expect it to function normally without undergoing the dialysis process. If you do not stop there then, eventually you might need to undergo the kidney transplantation procedure that has its own shares of problems and concerns.

  • Heart problems

The mentioned drugs are so powerful, whose uncontrolled usage can cause severe heart problems like the heart palpitations, cardiomyopathy, irregular heartbeat or the heart rhythm, infection in the heart lining and so on that can lead to so devastating situation as the death.

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How To Care For Your Dentures

I started wearing dentures very early in life:

I was still in my twenties, late twenties exactly when I had wear dentures. It was not that I was careless about oral hygiene when I was younger but I never gave it too much thought. I brushed regularly though and visited my dentist every six months but I am sure that I was really not sure what exactly I was supposed to do. And it did not help that I was extremely complacent when it came to my health.

So, here I was at the dentist’s clinic:

The assistant here was nonchalant but the dentist was very comforting. He explained to me in great detail what the problem with my teeth was and why I would have to undergo root canal treatment for my teeth and that the dentures had to be fitted for me.

The time it would take for me to get used to them:

He assured me that even though the dentures would feel awkward in the beginning, in time I would get used to them.  But surely enough it took me about six months to get used to them. Every time I used to eat with them, I used to feel that they kept moving inside my mouth and that they would just pop out.

The problem I realized was not the denture but the denture glue:

With so many developments in my life, I had smartened up. I was reading a lot about the best products for my teeth and I chanced upon a lot of informative websites where everything about oral health and generally about health was explained in great length. I also hit upon very good denture glue at the pharmacy near my place. But I must confess it took a bit of trial and error till I could zero in on the best glue that worked for me.

The denture glue that I found at my pharmacy:

I have been using this glue for six years now and it has never given up on me. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know. If you need denture glue go here because you can benefit from my experience. Not everyone has to do trial and error to benefit!

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Dirty Ways In Which Dirty Carpets Can Affect Your Health

If you think that your carpet is clean after an alternate day cleaning, then you need to think again because they are not actually clean in reality. Can you stop dust and dirt from entering the house for a full, complete day? Is it possible to do this with all windows and doors closed? Not possible right? This means that your carpet is also not clean and it is not just enough to dust them or dry them. Let`s look at some of the very common and unnoticed problems due to so called clean carpets.

  • Unclean carpets can make the immune system weak and unfit to fight against diseases and allergies. There are some invisible or unnoticed problems in your carpets. They might not be very evident but they exist in your unclean carpets like bacteria, small germs, and worms, toxic bacteria, pet hair, dead skin cells etc and when these are left to be on the carpets for long, they might slowly ruin your health. One very harmful toxin that can directly attack the human immune system is the mycotoxins. They weaken the immune system and lead to severe problems like skin allergies, stomach problems etc…
  • Dirty carpets can also transport bacteria into your body through your foot when you walk on them barefoot. This might lead to problems like athlete’s foot, skin allergies etc… These bacteria and germs come in direct contact with your foot through cuts, wounds or openings and cause problems.
  • The most dangerous problem with dirty carpets is the air-borne problems. When a carpet is not cleaned regularly, it might make the air inside dirty by spreading all the dust, dirt and bacteria into the house leading to severe breathing problems like People who are already suffering from asthma problems might start having negative reactions in their body due to unclean carpets.

So contact a good carpet and tile cleaner in LV who can help cleaning the carpets perfectly

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When it comes to shoes choose health over fashion

Not everything that is fashionable is comfortable. Not every pair of footwear that is trendy is good for the health. But sometimes we simply focus on the fashion quotient and ignore the health implications. Here are some compelling reasons why wearing comfortable shoes is important.

  1. Your feet need the right support:

Our feet are not flat- they are curved for a reason. So you need footwear that supports the feet by hugging the curves comfortably. Shoes that do not offer enough support might often result in sore ankles and heels.

  1. Bunions are painful:

Wearing the wrong type of footwear, wearing shoes that are too tight, might have long term impacts. If your feet feel constrained it might result in the formation of bunions. These are very painful and getting rid of them can be painful as well.

  1. Blisters and bruises:

If you notice any blisters and bruises after wearing a pair of shoes for a long time it would be a good idea to think about changing your shoes. Otherwise you could look for ways to make your shoes feel more comfortable. Blisters and bubbles might be because the material of the shoes is causing your feet to get excessively warm or because there is too much friction restricting the natural movement.

That being said, you do not always have to sacrifice your fashion sense simply because you have to wear comfortable shoes. There are also several manufacturers that make trendy shoes that are comfortable as well. And there are some shoes that look great and feel great to wear. Investing in such comfortable footwear can save you from sore feet and backaches. If you follow the popular online fashion blogs you would be able to get all the information you need about such footwear. I get all my fashion news from

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Disorder Vs Disease

People face a number of health issues and the number of such issues reported only seems to be increasing by the day. One cannot decide if the numbers are increasing due to changing lifestyle and more issues being identified or is it just the awareness created, that makes people come forward.

What Is A Disease

A disease is something one develops at any point in their life. It is caused by some factor the body is unable to control. There are cures for many diseased and many diseases are yet to have an effective cure.

Cancer and AIDS are diseases like plague or small pox. The intensity of any disease varies based on where it originates and how soon an antibody is found. Diseases can be cured, thanks to the advancement in science and technology. Today, one only has to report a few symptoms and the systems are so updated and fast, that they can find or at least narrow down the search for the disease.

What Is Disorder

A disorder is caused due to the malfunctioning or lack of functioning of some parts in the body. When the human body does not go through the formation process as it should, it leads to disorders. When a fetus does not get the sufficient nutrients or chromosomes as it should, it results in disorders.

Diabetes is a disorder caused due to the malfunctioning of the pancreas that is supposed to produce the insulin for the body. In most cases, disorders don’t have a permanent solution. They have remedies that can help the situation but no solution that can remove the entire disorder. Though one can undergo treatment and reduce the symptoms of Down syndrome, there is not permanent cure for it.

In many cases, people confuse disorders with diseases and think they are equally treatable. A search online about disorders and diseases will give you many results and information.


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Sneakers that can Win a Game


Sports shoes aren’t simple anymore. Given the wide range of choices and different specifications, gone are the days where one made simple decision between canvas shoes and leather shoes and mostly relied on one sporty pair of sneakers for a game or any outdoor activity like walking.

This article looks at basketball sneakers for dominating the courtand help you win a game. The necessity of sneakers for playing a sport can be traced to basketball history in the USA. Today shoe and sneaker companies produce different models for the various sports and calibre of playing from beginners to professionals.

The footwear used for basketball needs to fulfil many requirements. A comfortable secure fit can boost your playing confidence. Of course, you need to be thorough in your game basics, techniques, and team play. But, apart from that basketball sporting shoes is the most required investment that can make or break your game. A good pair will help you move around the court with agility and cut through the opponents dextrously. It should give you the ability to manoeuvre around quickly because of its lightweight, responsive and stable build.

A good pair can give you great grip and bounce. The first pair of basketball sneakers ever worn for an NBA game was considered a legend and by far the most popular sneakers in US sporting history. The sporting companies and the top players of the game usually tie-up to make signature shoes that can be sold to the masses.

A well-constructed shoe can help you win a game. It is well worth the investment to buy a sneaker pair that gives a professional touch.So, it is time that you got rid of your multi-purpose old pair and choose from the wide spectrum of choices that are available to you in terms of comfort, style of play, and pricing.


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Kent Teeth Whitening Market Has A New Multi-Purpose Tooth Gel

The Kent teeth whitening marker has a fresh addition to the dental product portfolio. It is an innovative tooth gel specially made for gentle teeth whitening. However this product offers other dental benefits also. The tooth gel has a very soft consistency, yet has a powerful action which is quick and long lasting.

What’s unique about the product

Owing to it consistency, the semi-solid product is very gentle to the oral cavity. It doesn’t cause any kind of abrasion to the teeth, gums and other oral tissues, both hard and soft tissues. It doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or foaming agents which might cause damage to the health of the oral cavity. It can be applied with a toothbrush with soft bristles or even with a finger and massaged for 30 seconds, to achieve the result.

How the ingredients function

The gel consists of natural anti-bacterial ingredients like Indian lilac and turmeric along with natural extracts of lemon, cinnamon, rose and peppermint. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is the main teeth whitening agent. The gel protects the teeth from tartar and plaque formation. It helps to maintain the natural healthy flora of the oral cavity and also fights bad breath by maintaining long lasting mouth freshness all day.

The product is ideal for people with dental implants and braces since efficient and complete brushing becomes a major challenge for them. Another unique benefit of the tooth gel is its suitability in conditions of mouth ulcer and sore gums. The anti-bacterial activity of the product prevents infection in the oral cavity and the natural ingredients provide a soothing effect in the blistered areas.

The tooth gel is that potential innovation which can effectively replace a teeth whitening agent, toothpaste and mouth wash, truly a multi-purpose product for the public and the dentists.

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Find The Right Place To Recover From Heroin Addiction

The need for a professional detox service is dire. The process is extremely difficult. It is made slightly easier when the services of an expert are called for. There are a variety of treatments that have been formulated for different stages of addiction. It is good to contact a Heroin Detox Center and find out about various treatments for a heroin detox.

  • Inpatient detox 

This can take place directly at the Detox Centre if there is an aversion towards a hospital setting. There are private and luxury centers that provide state of the art facilities.

  • Outpatient detox 

An outpatient detox might not be the best option for everyone. The patient still lives at home while getting the treatment via hospital visits. A person who has a history of relapse or a long history of heroin usage might find it harder with outpatient detox

  • Rapid Detox 

It is a speedy method that might be quite harmful to the system if not done right. The risks include a rapid onset of painful withdrawal symptoms and heart problems. The method utilizes opioid antagonist medications that help in blocking out the effects of the heroin in the system.

  • Rapid Detox assisted with Anaesthesia

This highly risky procedure is performed with the help of general anesthesia. The drug is removed from the system within a span of four to eight hours. The mortality rate for this procedure is as high as eight percent.

  • Detox via medications 

In this treatment, medicines are prescribed to assist with the process of detoxification. These medicines are highly recognized methods that help the system in removing the heroin. The aim of this method is to reduce the levels of withdrawal symptoms and keep it manageable.

Opiate detoxification is performed with the help of recognized methods such as Methadone and buprenorphine.

Research on the appropriate method and find your way to a healthy life.

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